martes, marzo 09, 2010

Handmade vs. Digital

When I was studying my Posgrade in Visual Arts in San Carlos Academy in Mexico City, I was doing an investigation about the drawing and the new technologies, I did some interviews to some digital illustrators to know the place of drawing in his work, and what they thought about digital world. And I wanted to know if they thought that the handmade world could disappear in illustration, design and visual arts...

Last month I was walking on streets when I found this magazine: Computer Arts Projects number 133, the topic entitled Handmade vs. Digital is very interesting; the idea of the number was born for a question that magazine did to his readers on twitter, readers must to choose beetween handmade and digital. Accord to the magazine designers and illustrators they associated words like freedom, originality and intimancy with handmade and they associated lexibility, efficiency and the sheer variety of techniques with digital.

Interestingly, many of the digital advocates said they couldn’t draw with a pencil if they tried. So Steve Heller was right when he wrote that digital collage grew up between graphic designers because they couldn't draw.

For some people handmade and digital work in illustration and graphic design are two rival camps, but in my investigation I conclude that two worlds, handmade and digital can coexist together, and the designer or illustrator can combine the advantages of each one. The new world is the tradigital world.