martes, octubre 20, 2009

Internet is luxury for mexican government

Well before to go to bed, I was in twitter and I see that many people is against the new tax to internet in Mexico, mexican government think that internet is a luxury...!? of course they show his big ignorance in matter...internet means development, culture, information, etc.
Next year Mexico celebrate the 200 years of mexican independence and 100 years of mexican revolution; I think that next year become a difficult year, people are not happy with the situation in Mexico. Some people speak already about a new revolution in Mexico, of course, whatever that means...
A government of the north of Europe already recognized the Internet like a human right, but the mexican government acts like enemy of the Mexican people when they declare to the Internet like a luxury. I think that they know excatly what people can to do with internet : the social movements of the XXI Century use to the web to organize themselves, and we have seen like present totalitarian governments try to prohibit and to sabotage to the Internet to destroy the freedom of expression and association.

A neo-mexican.


Mexico: 'net advocates protest internet tax with #internetnecesario