jueves, abril 10, 2014

¡Para que 2014 no sea 1984! #DigitalRightsAreHumanRigts !!

A poster that I made to support the mexican movement #NoMásPoderAlPoder (Not more power to power) because a new law of government to censor and control the net for repress people was proposed by the mexican president who wants to disconnect the net in public demonstrations.
Social networks have been a headache for the Mexican president who wants to have control of them and stick with his ultra-liberal plan and serve only the interests of corporate, banks and multinationals. The internet was the last free territory (the cyberpunk dream) is now a great machinery of espionage and global monitoring. Not allow this! 

#DigitalRightsAreHumanRights !! 

#StopTheTechnoFascism !!

#InternetMustBeFree !!