miércoles, agosto 09, 2006

Sandra Cohen Interview

Estos días hable con Victor Martínez, amigo y excelente diseñador gráfico e ilustrador, y salió a la plática Sandra Cohen, que es una ilustradora argentina y ahora trabaja en Nueva York. Victor acaba de darse una vuelta hace poco por la tierra de Carlos Gardel. Ignoró si aprendió unos pases de tango. Me recordó que tengo una entrevista de ella, que me mandaron los de Agent Double 002, una agencia que está en Paris, Francia.

What is the difference between illustration and fine arts?

None. No apparent one at least when we look at Fernanda Cohen's work.

The diversity, flexibility and rich content in her images attracts from business magazines, to fashion campaigns, ad agencies and art galleries worldwide. It is also thanks to her distinctive line and delicate use of color that Fernanda's work can be easily recognized on the cover of The New York Times Magazine, in an ad campaign for Target, on the windows of Chicago's high-end boutique Ikram, in a book for the prestigious chain hotel "W", or even also in a Continental Airlines' magazine while flying to Alaska. In her still young career, her work has already received over forty awards as well as much press in the US, Australia, the UK, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Fernanda Cohen is in love, and she now wants to show you the world- or at least her world- where whimsical shapes get out of control and come right at you to kiss you gently on the tip of your nose and give you butterflies in your stomach. What else could you ask for?

Over the next few months...Fernanda will be teaching illustration at Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires' most important visual arts university.

She will also be back in New York right on time to open her solo exhibition at theConsulate of Argentina.

And, between here and there, she will continue to work on her exclusive, yearly fashion campaign for Chicago boutique Ikram, illustrate for magazines and a handful of ad campaigns, and start designing a new line of kitchenware.

And this month, in Aktivist Exclusiv (www.exclusiv.pl), Fernanda's interview by Agata Nowicka.