viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

The Matrix it is in danger!!

I was reading the newspapers today and I was surprised by the case of a a common citizen who gained a multimillionaire judgment to a well-known bank of the country. They are almost 1500 million pesos to which this forced the bank to pay to the client. The case was taken to the Supreme Court of Justice of the the Nation because it is of importan for the banking sector of the country.
Other 150 similar cases in our country exist, and happens what happens will be a precedent. It is a case of interests over interests, the called "anatocismo". The bank will look for a shelter, nevertheless the secretary of Hacienda went to the court to present arguments in support of the bank, and panista well-known went to present arguments in support of the client, a simple common citizen.

But the speculation (agiotage) has been known for the banks against simple citizens, I know the case of friends designers who almost lose its house, the bank not much almost the acquittal.

And the truth they do not touch the soul to recover their money When one is to receive interests on interests to a common citizen, the "anatocismo" it is legal, we will see that it happens now that the bank is the indebted.

And I was reading in EL UNIVERSAL the opinion of a financial analyst who says in a forum that "the banks are business, without a doubt, but this does not imply that necessarily they obtain gains at the cost of the misfortune of the others (sic).

..."a healthy financial system is the base of a developed economy "(exact but Mexico is not one economy developed) or "In Mexico there have been several similar cases that in the end they are corrected so that the investors obtain a reasonable gain and not them absurd amounts that their lawyers solicit."

ABSURD!! ABSURD!!.....if we spoke of absurd....reading in LA JORNADA....we can to say that ABSURD it is... that the banks support only the credit to the consumption and they do not support the credit to the development, to the production, ABSURD is that they grant credits (plastic money) to people knowing that there is much unemployment. ABSURD that 80% of the assets are of the bank handled by foreigner. ABSURDO that the FOBAPROA went for rescuing to the bank deprived at the cost of the citizens... Absurd who most of the mexican citizens have debts with the bank and they don't have work ....

ABSURD is this situation because a specialist say that Mexico can't to follow in this a future this situation bring a big crisis in Mexico....

We will see that it happens with this case...if the bank loses the case the Matrix it is in danger..I mean the bank system...