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The Wrestler

Bruce Springsteen "The Wrestler" - Official Video

"The Wrestler" of Darren Aronofsky

Some people say that this film is the return of Mickey Rourke, but is not true, for the lovers of cinema, the American actor born in New York, never has gone away. And for sample, we remember to him by his work in 9 1/2 Weeks like John Gray, he was Henry Chinasky alter literary ego of Bukowski in Barfly , the enigmatic The Motorcycle Boy in Rumble Fish , the gunman Billy Chambers in Eleven Upon to Time in Mexico, Marv in Sin City , among others films.

"The Wrestler" it is a intimate film, is the history of a professional wrestler who saw pass his better time in the years 80' s. The history is located 20 years later when he must to fight in independent circuits very far away from the top that he reached some time ago.

Randy The Ram Robinson will now have to face his worse enemy: the time. The time not pardons to anybody even this colossus of the Ring. Also he will have to face the solitude and the hatred of the daughter who someday he abandonned. He tries to return with daughter and to look for his pardon. After a bloody fight where he leaves very wounded and then the doctors say to him that he is bad of the heart and that he cannot return to never fight.

Then Randy looks for a dancer woman (Cassidy) of a night club to told her. With her he has some emotional connection, she advises to talk and be with his daughter. But when he tries to retire by a brief time accepting other works, after to stand her daughter up in a restaurant, she says to him that never she wants to know nothing of him.

Very sad Randy returns to fight, and when Cassidy appears suddenly in the arena to say to him that he don't must to fight because he is sick of heart, he gives this answer: "There outside it is the only place where I can be hurt and I don't concern to anybody".

So he returns to the ring and he says to the public in a touching speech that in the life they can lose everything what they love and to all to those who they love, finally he said to the public that they are their only family.

After y Randy begins a to fight with the Ayatollah (his biggest enemy) but later he begin to feel very bad of the heart and his enemy suggests to him that is better to stop the fight. He refuses.

Film finishes when Randy jumps of corner to squash to his rival… never we can see him to fall… screen puts in black… because Randy knows that he was born to fight… and decides to die in the ring… when a man knows what it is his destiny in the life, when he knows for what he was born, he knows that sometimes the best way to leave this world is doing the only thing that he knows how to do… and to die fighting... standing up like a man.

Some people can says perhaps that "The Wrestler" is a melancholic history of personages in decay who look for the redemption either the pardon, if was another actor would be the case, but if appears Mickey Rourke, he gives another dimension to the film. " The Wrestler" is a film about the things that we loved and that we lose at the same time, and of the people who we loved and also we lose too.

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