martes, diciembre 02, 2008

Stickers Project

I realized these stickers for the my Urban Seminary Art in San Carlos Academy (Mtro. M. Juaréz Servín).
Left: I utilized some very know people in urban culture in Mexico City like Rockdrigo, a subterranean rocker that did his urban chronicles in the 80's. He died in the hearthquarter of Mexico City in september 19th, 1985.
Left: I did this drawing based in our prehispanic heritage, sun-life, moon-dead. The pyramide, the place of human sacrifaces.

Left: This drawing is about the culture of "Maíz" that we have in Mexico, Maíz was an human discovery in Mesoamerica, these days we live a controversy about the "maíz transgenic". My teacher Omar Arroyo said us that in the world exist 3 great cultures: Maíz, Rice and Trigo. It's means: America, Europe and Asia.

Left: Other drawing based in Maíz culture..."¡Sin Maíz no hay País!" (Without Maíz No country!)

Left: A surrealistic image...a woman-window...instinct...poetry and the city.

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