martes, diciembre 02, 2008

Sticker Intervention

This project was did for the Urban Seminary Art (Mtro. Mauricio Juaréz Servín) in San Carlos Academy, Mexico City. It's about the complex reality that we live these days in all Mexico. This sticker speak us with great irony about the situation of the violence and the influence of the narco in Mexico. "Reality overpass fiction" said someday a famous writer about the lationamerican reality. So I read some morning in some newspaper when I walk to my school: "All Mexico is narco territory", then I did an intervention to famous advertising about cellular phones to speak about our cruel reality in my country, some time ago I read that Mexico go to "colombianización", I only know that sometimes everything is like a civil war. ¿Who has the solution to narco problem? It's difficult to give an answer to this question but like visual artist I only can to express my realiy.