domingo, enero 31, 2010


Some time ago I did a serie of collages, when I was a kid I visited an exhibition of Picasso in Mexico City, I used to did collages in my childhood, it was funny...maybe I begin a new serie with this technique...with Postmodernism collage get back...and when computers arrived to graphic design collage returned with the new media...we see many digital collage these days....

Solidarity with Haiti

Well I begin my first post of 2010 with this poster (or postal) that I did in solidarity with Haiti, I sent it for a exhibition-sell in Facultad del Hábitat, Sn. Luis Potosí, I hope that my design is there these days...but I want that this brother-country will have the hope and future that any people of this blue planet deserves...we travel together...

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sábado, enero 02, 2010

2010 PEACE

I have the Hope...