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The Carmen Aristegui Case

I begin a personal project with a serie of posters or postcards about the more importants events, situations or personages in mexican life in this 2008. My firts image was about The Carmen Aristegui Case

Carmen Aristegui has almost 16 years of experience as an anchor and reporter on leading radio and television programs in Mexico. Nowadays she is the anchor of the news program Aristegui at CNN en Español. Besides she is leader writer for Reforma. She is in general a higly-regarded journalist.

Carmen Aristegui is recognized as an expert on national politics. For over five years, Aristegui hosted the Federal Electoral Institute's special political programming. In 1997, she also acted as an advisor to a civic group involved in the first election for the head of government in the Mexican Republic's capital.

Aristegui has received the Mexican Press Club's "National Award" in 2001, 2002 and 2004, and in 2003 she was recognized as the "Best National Anchor" and presented with a Public Image Award. She was also named "2004 Woman of the Year" by Mont Blanc, and was selected to carry the Olympic Torch through Mexico as part of its global journey to Athens that same year. In 2005, Aristegui received recognition from the National Institute of Indigenous Languages for her promotion of the indigenous languages of Mexico. Latinoamerican Prize Ondas Radio its program At the present time (2006). Etc.

It at the present time lead the program in W Radio until the 4 of January of 2008 when it announced the exit of the air of the program adducing contractual differences and changes in the publishing direction that the company tried to carry out. "At the beginning of December of 2007 - Aristegui declares according to the transcription of the Reforma newspaper of the 4 of January of the 2008 -, the wish of the part of the company of not renewing the contract was notified to me, but the possibility was opened of continuing. The company notified that it would look for to change the contractual conditions to me in some of his parts, to incorporate some changes in the model of publishing direction, for which a document of observations and preoccupations appeared to me on the handling in this matter, the conduction, which finally finishes being the direction of this informative space. We discussed it and we were awaiting the concrete proposals, that at the end of accounts did not occur ". In the goodbye emission, Aristegui surprise affirmed to have received the news of its exit.

For many sectors of mexican society it's was a case of censorship againts one of the most independents mexican journalists, because Carmen Aristegui following to very importants reports concern about human rights like The Zongolica Case, or the controversial "Ley Televisa", a law that inhibits the competence an perpetuates the power of duopoly coformed by Televisa and TV Azteca, or The Lydia Cacho Case, etc.

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