jueves, diciembre 11, 2008

Paper Sculpture

These are some works for my Experimental Workshop of Dr. Jaime Reséndiz in my Posgrade in San Carlos Academy, we did some aplications with these images in graphic design.
Altough designers work more often with computers, hand have his own way to learn creativity...we learn doing...and creativity is about multiply intelligences...we only use a few percent of our brain capability...and human being begin his way to technology using his hands...I think that our first technology was our hands (oponible finger)...we built tools in prehistory...with our hands...now computers use "virtual tools"...
Left: "Fredo", Right: "The Dragon Empire", Below: Alfredo Aguirre Studio (Logo).

Paper...we utilise paper everyday like graphic designers...but paper has his own lenguage like material...

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